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JULY 11, 2019 Welcome to our website. ST Racing is an amateur racing team that enjoys participating in endurance racing with a stock former street legal car. We hope you find our site enjoyable and informative. If you are wanting more information, by all means reach out to us and we will answer your questions, help you get started and mentor you and your team as you look to participate in an endurance racing league. Endurance racing is fun, worth every minute of work and did I say fun? You won’t regret one minute participating in such a great car racing experience.  
(Updated July 11, 2019)

Canadian Endurance Racing

January 2, 2019

ChumpCar Canada is no longer operating and the Canadian Endurance Racing (CER) has taken over the league. The format has changed and, as stated on their website, has evolved. Only three races have been announced, and all are in Eastern Canada. Nothing has been identified for Western Canada at this time. Hopefully for the 2020 season.

ST Racing is looking to take in the August 9th, 2019 race at Calaboogie, near Toronto, Ontario.

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ST Racing hits the Podium

For the first time ever ST Racing claims 2nd place

ST Racing July 29, 2018 Press Release.

For the first time in their short racing career, the team of ST Racing claimed 2nd place at the ChumpCar Canada event at Castrol Raceway. The storied team has improved every time they have hit the track and are claiming to be a contender in the famed racing league.

This race at Castrol was impacted with concern, but the success triumphed the issues as the team ran their best times ever. Two key elements presented themselves at this race. The first one, all driver times dropped by 2 seconds from the previous year. This success was a result of the improved engine performance. It turned out our issues up to this point in time, were caused by a collapsed flexpipe on the exhaust system. This restriction point cut the cars power by 30-40%. By fixing this, the team was able to keep up, and in some circumstances, able to pass more vehicles than in the past. The second element, each driver improved their driving times.

In our first season, the team time differences were approximately 18 second spread from the fastest driver (Chris) to our rookie drivers. In the second season, this dropped to a 10 second spread. This year, 2018, the dirvers were able to close the gap from fastest to slowest times within 4 seconds. The drivers have taken their driving performance seriously and greatly improved their overall times.

In the race itself we were running some new components on the car. These included an ACCUSUMP, Oil Cooler and Carbotech brake pads. Two out of the three met or exceeded expectations, but one failed miserably. The Carbotech pads proved to be a huge dissappointment for us. We managed to cook off a set of pads within the 12 hour race.

We also ran into heating issues again. It appears our air flow does not work well with the oil cooler as we were experiencing higher than desired temperatures. We did some on track surgery to the front bumper to improve the air flow to the radiators and this appeared to improve the temperatures.

Oil pressure appeared to have stabilized and we were very happy with the results. Looks like we have resolved our motor issues now.

As far as the race was concerned, we started Saturday off with a bang. Chris started the race and given the refound power, improved handling, we were able to get our car into the lead for the first hour of racing. Things were going along nicely, until we noticed the oil temperatures were too high. We decided to bring the car in, do an preventative oil change and check the car over for any damage. This long delay cost us in laps.

On a positive note, everyone who drove in their stints, noticed a huge performance improvement. We were now competitive with the car, and we were able to pass other cars on the track in a consistent manner. Each driver was getting past other drivers for the first time.

We ended up in 7th place on Saturday, and getting a fairly respectable placing.

In post race inspection, we found the Carbotech brake pads were completely shot and we were very dissapointed in their longevity. We ended up working late to swap out the old brake pads and install a new brake caliper along with the new brake pads. This took us to the late hours to complete, and had Adam drive around in the dark to try to bed the brakes in as best as he could.

Sunday’s race.

With the new pads installed, confidence in the car was a bit lower than Saturday. However, the car ran great. No issues encountered and we were able to go the distance. We did some more modifications to the bumper to get better air flow which seemed to work well. Oil temperatures dropped to good levels and we pushed the car hard throughout the day.

When the flag dropped, we completed 399 laps and found ourselves in 2nd place.

ST Racing has hit the podium for the first time.

ST Racing Featured on CTV Sports

Adam Cook from CTV Sports profiled ChumpCar

Check out the video from CTV Sports, Edmonton, where they profiled ChumpCar Canada before the race at Castrol July 28th 2018.

We worked with CTV Sports, Castrol Raceway and our team to help raise awareness for the racing league.

Thanks to Adam Cook and Colin Huggins, Castrol GM for the support.

Click here on the link to see the Video.